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Q1 2024


Release weekly Animated Shorts, featuring Mike Tython - Horoscopes, Mike Tython Nutritional Program, Mike Tython Financial Times.


Q2 2024

Release first levels of Mike Tython's Punch out

Regular short form content including crypto news, parody celebrity and product endorsements.

Graffiti contest in major metropolitan hubs. 


Q3 2024

Integrate Twitch with MTPO and hold twitch streamed lower circuit events every Saturday, culminating in IRL monthly grand finals with $$$, $THOL, and Merh.

Regularly release MTPO levels with more boss battles featuring CZ, SBF, USEDCAR.

Regular release of Mike Tython Programs continues


Q4 2024

Continue releasing MTPO levels with new bosses including Peter Schiff, Bitboy, DOGE.

Regular release of Mike Tython Programs

December IRL meetup for all contest winners,

$thol holders - featuring a poker tournament with $$$ and other prizes


$Thol was born December 29th, 2023.


We are a Solana meme coin that is rooted in the human meme Mike Tyson.


Our ethos is simple: If a meme coin isn't funny, it's a failure. Second, a meme coin without a rabid community has no future. Third, a project composed of moonboys whose sole goal is short term gains is guaranteed to fail. 


A meme project that prioritizes profits over laughter is upside down. The most important property a meme coin possesses is its ability to consistently make people die laughing. Craft an undeniably funny memetic universe every day and the chart takes care of itself.  It's literally in our name - a meme coin that isn't funny is a Defi coin without staking. Investing in such a DeFi coin is the same as gambling on a joyless meme coin. 


Don't mistake us, we take our fiduciary duty very seriously. Paradoxically, if we lose sight of what makes us laugh in favor of what makes us rich, we lose the very thing that distinguishes us from all the rest. The laughter gives us true, enduring utility. It anchors the community by building bonds based on mutual respect, admiration, and a commitment to hilarity - not simply who can cash out the most the fastest. Anyone can buy a lottery ticket - in this project, we recognize and do everything in our power to maximally enrich holders but we never lose sight of the lols while we do it. We view our project as a hilarious meme machine wrapped in a highly collaborative community that maintains realistic expectations about its monetary potential. 


Many memecoin projects are nearsighted, almost if not entirely lacking affinity for what they create. For Tholana, putting the lols first gives us the reason to continue, to show up, day after day. Being able to weather storms of price action and the flights of fancy that are so commonplace in this industry is key. The lead developer is someone who is expertly familiar with some of the hardest skills in running a meme project - managing emotional and financial fitness over a vast expanse of volatility. Our view is one of measured optimism - we are very well positioned to win this war of attrition, and we will do so with a big smile on our faces.

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